City Car Driving - Advantages and features

City Car Driving

Game full name: City Car Driving. Home Edition
Game version: 1.5
Publisher: Forward Development

Status: Released


You can read about origin and history of car driving simulator "City Car Driving" - here.

The most important advantages and features
of car driving simulator "City Car Driving"

  • Car driving in a large city.
    The most of novice car drivers are afraid of driving in a large city with heavy traffic and plenty of difficult road crossings. Our car simulator "City Car Driving" helps you get started and overcome the initial fear of driving a real car in rough urban environment.


  • Basic driving skills training.
    The most of driving school students, who are just only beginning the training, have never sat at the wheel of a real car. This leads to certain difficulties in car mastering and constant confusion in car controls. Our car simulator helps form basic driving skills and be accustomed to car controls - learn how to operate correctly with the wheel and pedals, confidently switch to the appropriate gear, learn proper steering techniques, etc.

  • Standard and advanced exercises on the special autodrome.
    With the "City Car Driving" you will be able to work out main autodrome exercises, which must be passed on the driving exam, and also additional special exercises, which will allow you feel the car much better. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice car driving on the newest special computer-aided autodrome, which so much has been said about in the media.


  • Realistic traffic and road situations.
    Heavy traffic, vivacious road conditions, realistic behavior of road users - all of this will help you prepare for peculiarities and difficulties of car driving in real road conditions.


  • The unique traffic rules control system.
    The traffic rules control system and statistics, used in our car training simulator, alerts you in case of traffic rules violations and remembers them. It also gives you an advice on how to act correctly in any given situation. The user can find history of his violations in the simulator's main menu on the "Statistics" screen.


  • Huge virtual city and variety of roads, crossings, junctions.
    Elaborated streets (narrow and multi lane), road crossings of different difficulty level and configuration (unsupervised and signal-controlled crossings), traffic lights (including those with additional sections), roundabouts, bridges, tunnels, railroad junctions, multi level and confusing interchanges - all these features of our auto simulator allow you experience almost any driving situation! In addition to basic city streets, you will be able to drive on the motorway, suburban highway and country road - it will help you feel the crucial difference in driving on all types of roads! Frequent road humps ("speed bumps") are also simulated.


  • Realistic physics.
    One of the main features of our product, distinguishing "City Car Driving" car simulator from its competitors, is the physics of car movement and behavior, which is close to the reality as much as possible. A powerful physics engine allows us to simulate realistic reaction to collisions with obstacles and other cars.

  • Modern and high quality graphics.
    Landscape, houses, streets and roads, modelled to the last detail, high quality car models and car dashboards, recreated in detail, as well as realistic weather conditions (cloudy and clear weather, rain and fog) and time of day (morning, evening, day, night) - all this will help you fully immerse yourself in the process of car driving and experience the amazing reality of what is happening behind the monitor!