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Released ready-to-use mods for "City Car Driving"
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TOPIC: Austin Mini Cooper S 1.5.5

Austin Mini Cooper S 1.5.5 07 Jan 2018 21:19 #107133

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Austin Mini Cooper S 1.5.5

Mod by Autoligenda

Full update from 1.2.5 to 1.5.5 and remake and more suitable custom sound by BZ And JZ 26 Motors

Beta tested and windscreen wipers position fixed with also help and assistance and Mr Bean extra requested by TJ

Screenshots by Alexey Yurchenko/Алексей Юрченко

All new features and changes for 1.5.5 are:

Fully DX11 compatible
LHD (Left Hand Drive to RHD (Right Hand Drive) Conversion
Realistic mechanicals and physics
More realistic chrome effect
Added custom windscreen wipers and on the exterior
The 3D model is adapted to higher quality with bump textures and lightmaps
Baked exterior body (More mods will have this and better quality baking since this is only my first ever time baking the body)
More realistic custom sound then what was originally added back in 1.2.5 version
Brakes are adjusted correctly for the type of vehicle and is now realistic
Realistic aerodynamics from real specifications
Suspension adjusted correctly so now it is now realistic
More grip for the wheels providing tighter handing and stronger road holding
Realistic steering adjusted more sharper for the type of car it is
Higher quality more refined interior and steering wheel and exterior and colours for the interior and exterior
Darker inner plastic wheel covers
All the effects for the carpet and the plastics and the leather on the interior is added which are bump textures
Wheels size is adjusted to fit all of area inside the wheel area
The steering wheel colour has got the black plastic other small parts and the chrome effect to match the real life steering wheel
Working fuel and temperature gauge arrows
More accurate speedometer arrow that reads MPH instead of KM/H

The mod has 6 extras in total:

1 Body Coloured Roof
2 British Flag Roof
3 Black Roof
4 Working Fog Lights
5 Mr Bean Edition
6 Mr Bean Edition With Working Fog Lights


Initially this was going to be made a lot quicker but it had unexpected 3D model work that is needed to make it higher quality so it took me a long time so i do apologize for that. It now has changed sound compared from version 1.2.5 as i listened to Mini engine sounds and this is more realistic so i made it and is all finished with, That was the reason with all the delays i'm not getting time with, So it took longer than expected so because i started it i had to finish it. Next will be the Smart Fortwo and then i will definitely work on the Skoda Superb which will be my first ever mod. There is nothing wrong with car its all perfect just only for the extras the was it was done because the roof was white and the body is body coloured in a selection of paint colours they had to be detached and baking the roof had to be baked separately didn't make one of the extras which is the flag of the UK (United Kingdom) fit very well on the edges but its not noticeable it looks normal until you get really close up at it other than that its all finished perfectly, I also didn't know how to exactly fit the custom wipers so TJ did for me and gave me help and assistance it so now its placed correctly on the car. Aerodynamic specifications was hard to get but i found it on a classic Mini forum and got the correct specifications for the car so it can be more realistic to drive, This come with PKG and RAR formats, Its been load of work to the all of interior and exterior and mechanicals and physics but its all done after beta the brakes and the wheel size had to be adjusted correctly and the inner plastic wheel covers had to be darker colour but otherwise its all fully done more details about that are in the mod changed mod features rather then making notes about it which is for how i did the mod and how it went and about the mod. I also made extras and one of them was the working foglights and i made them work and before the 3D model was poorer quality so i made it higher quality also has a Mr Bean extra as well its done nearly the same as the car in the programs this extra was requested by TJ, It also come with working foglights as well and a black roof extra and last of all a body coloured roof and that is complete and properly fully finished this is also my first ever RHD conversion and body baking it wasn't easy over time the body baking will get better and improved over time, This also has working fuel and temperature gauge arrows and they are my first ever ones for this version also the speedometer arrow is more accurate and reads MPH instead of KM/H as well, This is a very nice legendary small car that is a Mk1 Cooper S from 1959 to the 1960s enjoy. ;) :)

Screenshots by Alexey Yurchenko/Алексей Юрченко:

My VK modding group: vk.com/mods_by_bz_and_jz_26_motors
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Austin Mini Cooper S 1.5.5 07 Jan 2018 21:21 #107134

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WOW This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
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Austin Mini Cooper S 1.5.5 08 Jan 2018 01:06 #107137

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Great work.
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