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TOPIC: Cannot pass 'City test'.

Cannot pass 'City test'. 02 Nov 2018 19:25 #110815

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First off, I'll like to say hello again, CCD forums! Long time no see.

In carrier mode, driving student tab, the 'City test' is impossible to beat. And here is why;
Not enough violation points, every time I fail the test, moments before I have 5/5 violation points. And all 5 are gone in seconds from 1 incident.
Why, and how?
I think AI traffic, and the yield system needs updating in CCD. At the first roundabout on the route, I was in the far left lane stopped just before a round about, I was slightly in the way, and AI traffic stopped for me. I waited for AI traffic to move so I can join up on the round about, but I waited 40 seconds, nope! Still there... I then assumed that the vehicle is giving way to me, so I check my left indicator, turn into the lane and all 5 points are gone! Why? I got a violation message... "Right of way violated" or something like that. Anyways, I learnt from that and tried not to do it again. Note: The first roundabout is designed poorly, I cannot see vehicles coming from my left, so I need pure luck to not hit a car. Sorry but I don't think any round about in CCD are designed well at all! You will always get some kind of violation from them. And you have to be in the far right lane to pull out of the round about, which does not happen IRL.
Aside from that problem, the navigator is terrible. When I got to the motorway, it said "In 300 meters, turn right.", from which I can only assume it means take the next exit. Okay fine, right indicator, let's go to the far right lane, (which you only have 300 meters to do so). I'm in the right lane that exits the motorway, turn off my indicators and then I get a violation for not using my indicators for entering the ramp. WHAT? WHY? THE LANE GOES OFF THE MOTORWAY!?!?.. Anyways, one time, not sure how, I made it to the last turn and I was about to complete the mission. Here comes the problem... It said "In 50 meters, turn right!", how ever, I see 2 right turns! And I slowed down at both turns to wait for a "Turn right now!" message to appear, never did. In-fact I went off course and failed the mission. At this point I was pissed.
Here is another problem... Traffic lights!
The area with that hill and a traffic light, it was green. I passed it while it was still green and I failed the mission because "Red light run!" violation message popped up... From what I can assume was from the light changing to red when I was inches away from passing it while it was green. Another problem is, somewhere in the route, middle I think.. The navigator says "In 100 meters, turn right!" I'm at a light that is green for right turns but red for going straight. And from this incident, I am paranoid from turning, unless both lights are green... Why? Well when I was turning I checked my left side, vehicles coming my way, but none coming into my lane. I turn left and I failed the mission for "Right of way violated". At this point, the game is just causing stress for me. I have played this mission over 64 times, not sure how many times exactly but I counted up to 64 at one point. And I'm using the Logitech G25. I am on Steam on the latest version. Can you fix this in the next update? I'm pissed off from this to the point where I feel like throwing my keyboard and mouse into my PC screen.
What I think should be done to fix this, is a redone AI system, redone yield system, remove that stupid navigator and just let me use the minimap, more violation points (maybe 20), and redone roundabout systems.
Also, when a new speed limit comes up, let us have at least 100 meters to adjust to that speed. The part of map that has the 20 makes no sense, the road is in good condition and you can go 50 there.
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Cannot pass 'City test'. 09 Nov 2018 16:59 #110869

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I used to had those problems too, but I drove just 2 kp/h too fast. But I changed the setting @ "data", "config", "rules". Over there you can change the settings of speed, and when you get an penalty. just change "true" into "false".

I hope you can solve your ploblem with this.
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