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TOPIC: This game is ridiculous in career mode.

This game is ridiculous in career mode. 14 Dec 2018 08:19 #111273

I thought this game was supposed to be realistic and teach you how to drive mot make you start all over from the beginning when you make a small minor mistake that wont even harm anyone including yourself or put someone in danger. What flipping cop is going to pull you over for going not even an inch over the line? Whos going to get hurt if you are trying to parallel park and stop when you are fully in line you decide to inch back a little more? Whos going to stop you if you end up stopping a couple inches before you get to the stop sign?? This isnt realistic this is nitpicking....is darn near impossible. This game wouldnt be so darn upsetting if it had more than five bloody penalties in the game. All these stupid minor mistakes that doesnt evn have to be your fault will still take 2 or 3 points off for something very minor...yall kill me with that crap...
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This game is ridiculous in career mode. 14 Dec 2018 09:07 #111275

  • cardriver123
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Agree with you completely, I am in driving school right now
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This game is ridiculous in career mode. 05 Feb 2019 00:51 #111723

  • Sarp89
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Yeah, it's nitpicking, it's hard, it's unapologetic, ruthless, doesn't care about your feelings and shatters your hopes and dreams.

I've never been as pissed off at a game like this since f-zero GX or super monkey ball, and that's why I love it. You know what sucks about games that have a low learning-curve? They're boring because there's no challenge. You'll play it once or twice and just leave it there in the corner. Hard games make you play until you drop dead of failure and you can enjoy beating it. Driving just isn't easy if you want to follow each small little rule to minimize the chance of getting into an accident. Driving has a lot of luck and skill involved in it, it's reacting to other people, but also being proactive to achieving your destination as quickly as possible.

The upside is that if you're playing this in VR with a g27 or g29 with a shifter, it's the closest thing to real-life driving. F-zero GX and super monkey ball never gave you skills that you can use for something useful, this does. So suck it up and enjoy failing over and over again, because the rush you get for finishing an assignment in career mode in this game, is just better than getting an achievement in CoD.
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