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TOPIC: Problem with Steam Controller

Problem with Steam Controller 28 May 2020 05:48 #114406

As title says I have a problem with the game NOT registering when I let analog stick go

In the main menu, if I go to control settings and then advanced, I can see that it works as it should: I pull analog stick to the left and the movement is registered. I let it go and I can see that the input bar returns to neutral.

During the game instead I notice that, if I pull analog stick to the left, movement is registered but, if I let analog stick go, wheel not return to neutral, it is stuck on that value unless I pull to the right.

At this point if I press ESC and go to advanced control settings, the analog stick input bar in fact does NOT return to neutral anymore.

So basically, from Main Menu advanced control settings, the analog stick release works as expected, from within the game it doesn't.

I have tried changing the "steering return" value but in reality it does not really do much in game (it works however when I do that from Main Menu).

I have tried following the instructions provided in another topic (below) with no success
Originally posted by Eugene Forward:
1. Turn off the Steam cloud profile synchronization for City Car Driving – open your Steam client, click on City Car Driving with right mouse button and choose “Properties” from the context menu. Then open the tab “Updates” and there turn off the option “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for City Car Driving”.

2. Delete the folder "Forward Development" from your "My Documents" folder.

I have also tried using X360 controller but it doesn't solve the problem:

I am turning left and, if I want to go straight, normally I would gently release the analog stick to return to neutral position, but in reality the steering wheel doesn't move at all unless I pull the analog stick to the right, very often resulting in a very undesirable "drunk driving: not going straight at all, steering in the opposite direction and requiring an additional corrective action and then steering again too much and so on and on.

Is there any parameter I can modify in the configuration that allows the steering wheel to return to neutral position when releasing the analog stick ?
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