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TOPIC: VR performance issues Valve Index

VR performance issues Valve Index 08 Jan 2021 19:56 #115094

Hello folks, I joined the forum to see if I can get your help in making this awesome simulator work well with my VR setup. I have purchased City Car Driving Home edition through steam. I'm seeing very poor VR performance out of this game and tried to analyze the frame times in the steamVR developer overlay, I'm seeing 6.8ms draw time but frequent spikes that bring the times into a red or orange level (over 8-11 ms) making the immersion break in VR. I've tried a number of things such as dropping the quality of the game to low. Toggling motion smoothing in steamVR helps with the draw times. I've set resolution scale in steamVR to 100% in all my tests but dropping it didn't seem to make any difference to the draw times. I also tried setting steamVR to use 90fps mode on the index conpared to 120 (default). I don't quite understand why this game is performing poor in VR on my system which can run other more grpahically intense games in VR with much better frame times at 144 fps mode on the index. In non-VR mode I can run the game just fine at any quality level with the best fps my monitor supports.

Here's my system specs for reference:
CPU: Intel Core i9 7920X (12 cores / 24 threads)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4x8GB)
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 Founder's Edition (previously tried with GTX 1080 ti)
VR Headset: Valve Index
Racing Wheel: Thrustmaster TMX with pedals (brake and accel)
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VR performance issues Valve Index 11 Jan 2021 11:49 #115111

  • Kivlov
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Please note that the game officially supports only Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets.

Also please take into account these advices if you use VR with City Car Driving:

- Update your VR headset software & drivers.
- Update your video card driver to the latest version.
- Make sure you connect your VR headset before(!) starting the game.
- Do not launch/use SteamVR. If SteamVR is already running – close it before launching the game. Then just run the game in a usual way and select the VR output in the in-game settings menu.
- VR activates only after the driving session start (it does not work in the main menu).
- If you feel you still need to make lower motion sickness effects you can try disabling some of the camera inertion effects as described here - steamcommunity.com/app/493490/discussions/0/3277925755433585773/

P.S.: Vive Pro and Rift S should work.

Regarding the Index, Quest and Cosmos - for now we do not have these headsets by our hands, and do not have plans to supported them in near future. Sorry.
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