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TOPIC: g25 centering problem

g25 centering problem 15 Sep 2011 02:24 #1319

Bought the sim today, an got everything running smooth except one thing:
Steering wheel center in-game vs. center on the g25 is off

To get the car to go straight i therefore have to have the g25 turned quite a bit to the left, which kind of takes away the fun!

I checked the properties and calibration of the g25, it's fine. It's setup with 900 degrees as suggested elsewhere. Tried unplugging usb,restarting game andpc, but it's off no matter what...

Any suggestions?

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Re: g25 centering problem 22 Sep 2011 19:49 #1357

I've got the G27 and have not had that problem. I do find setting it up in the game carefully important - make sure each control is activated fully over it's range (for the pedals the trick is to hold them down for longer than normal so the game responds they are ok'd).
I do find we loose pedal control sometimes on new session start up or sometimes switching between user profiles - then it is simply to set them again and you're off.
I use full gearbox and clutch.
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