City Car Driving - Origin and history

"City Car Driving v1.2"

Game full name: City Car Driving 1.2
Publisher: Multisoft
Status: Released!


Origin and history of car driving simulator
"City Car Driving"

The "City Car Driving" project is a family of software products, whose purpose is an education in the field of traffic rules and road safety.

The most first car driving simulator (parent of the "City Car Driving") was released in 2007 and represented a three-dimensional simulation of a car with real streets of Moscow. It was a rather simple car game, but thanks to the efforts of developers and users feedback, several updates has been released within six months.

Later an advanced version was released. It was a seriously improved modification of the first version - it has got realistic physics, the clutch pedal support and a new extended virtual city.

For two next years our car driving simulator was sold only in Russia and in the CIS - more than 500 thousand copies has been sold! Our driving simulator has repeatedly demonstrated at Russian exhibitions and shows, and it has received high ratings of foreign specialists and currently it is the absolute leader in software for car training simulators and of course in area of car driving education. Not without reason many driving schools and manufacturers of car driving simulators hardware use the "City Car Driving" software in their products for novice car drivers training.

In the end of 2010 an English version of the most popular and realistic car simulator was released! And now the whole world can appreciate the high realism level and quality of the "City Car Driving" car training simulator!

In summer of 2011 the latest modification of the simulator was released! It has contained many important new features - more virtual city locations, more cars, more road situations and opportunities!

At present "City Car Driving" simulator is continuing its development. New patches are being released periodically with bug fixes and adding new features. At now users can even add their own car models and sounds into the game.

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