New game! Autobahn!12.01.2016

Dear customers! Presenting to you the first gaming incarnation of "City Car Driving" for those who like racing and reckless driving - arcade racing game "Autobahn".

"Autobahn" is a PC game based on "City Car Driving" engine, where the player should push the gas pedal all the way down, drive at the maximum capacity of a car and use all the skills to avoid accidents in the most difficult situations on the road.

Our fans often post Youtube videos where they are rushing on roads of the "City Car Driving", racing at breakneck speed on a motorway, risky weaving between lanes, cutting off other cars, etc. In the "Autobahn" for all these rude actions the player is being awarded! The rougher the player cuts off another car, more risky dodges from a collision, longer drives on the opposite lane - more score the player gets! The main thing is getting to the next checkpoint in time and without damaging your car!

Autobahn key features:

  • Simplified car control and physical model;
  • 3 game modes: basic, lack of visibility, instant death;
  • Variable difficulty level;
  • Special circular tracks with heavy traffic;
  • Scoring for risky and dangerous driving maneuvers;
  • Cars get visible damage when collide.

- You can find Autobahn screenshots in our screenshot gallery.
- You can read more about the Autobahn - here. System requirements are also located there.

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about the game "Autobahn"