The 21-st entertainment training park for children "Kidzania" (currently the largest in the world) has been opened on January 28...

There are three floors of the city with the usual streets filled with plants that are difficult to distinguish from real ones. On the lower level there are diamond mines, where children mine rock, get it to the washover and faceting. On the middle floor there are shops and factories, where young workers can, for example, squeeze the juice, pack it and then take home to treat their parents to it. There is a large theater, and you can see the Tax Inspectorate building next to it. Also upstairs there is a training center for pilots and astronauts(!). And all things occur without the participation of adults. They can only walk the streets of "Kidzania", but access to the shops and factories is granted for kids only!

In one of the thematic areas, in a driving school, children learn the traffic rules, practise car driving on a car driving simulator equipped with a special version of the City Car Driving simulator, almost similar to the Home edition, that you can easily buy on our website. Then kids take an exam, get a driver's license and car insurance.

Here are some pictures how it looks. ;-)