Version 1.5.1!05.05.2016

Dear customers! Presenting to you the next update 1.5.1 for City Car Driving! Improvements:

● Taught some pedestrians to run across the road, but don't walk. Be careful and follow the road. ;-)
● Added new SUV player car that is similar to UAZ Patriot.
● Improved behavior of the car when driving off road.
● Added new asphalt types: dark, ramshackle, black (US-like).
● Added ramshackle roads (with real potholes).
● Improved grass - now it's volumetric visually and swinging in the wind. ;-)
● Added the Victory Day festive setting for streets and buildings. The function can be turned on and off in the settings.
● Other improvements and enhancements that you can discover by yourself after installing the new version. ;-)