Version 1.5.5!14.12.2017

We are glad to present the annual autumn release with many fixes and improvements. There is a partial list of changes below. We hope you will like it!

Now owners of VR headset can drive in the free driving mode and perform exercises in the career mode with greater comfort. All messages appear on a special tablet added to the car's interior. It also displays a navigator for the current route tracking.

Do you want to learn what to do if something happens to your car? Or you just like challenging quests? For you we increased the number of sudden emergency situations. Now in addition to pedestrians running across the road and aggressive drivers, you can meet traffic car accidents, interfering the driving through. Also during the driving you can face a tire puncture, braking or steering system failure. We also strongly recommend to keep an eye on the coolant temperature to avoid engine jamming.

If you have already passed the career mode (maybe even twice), but want to repeat - try our new high difficulty mode. We tried making it feasible, but requiring total concentration.

Good news for the owners of: Sven Drift and Thrustmaster TMX PRO Force Feedback steering wheels, Logitech F310 gamepad and Thrustmaster JOYSTICK. Now these devices are preconfigured and you just need to select it from the preset drop-down list. If your device is not listed there, you can always configure it manually in the game settings.

If you have any doubts about whether you use the car lights in a right way or not, we added an alert for the timeliness of the turn signal and high beam headlights.

In addition, now you can drive around the virtual city with your favorite Internet radio station. There are already preconfigured stations, but you can always add your favorite ones to them.

If you still doubt that driving being a drunk is a bad idea, we added the drunk driving mode to the emergency situation list. You will see how significant the alcohol influences the car driving.

P.S .: By the way, we improved the navigator appearance. Now it looks almost like a real one and shows the nearest turns along the route and the distance to them.

P.P.S .: Also we spent a lot of time on this, but now the simulator should work faster.

P.P.P.S: And we want to say thank you to our user AlerDerp who made the translation to Dutch language. As a gesture of thanks in Old city now you can find AlerDerp street.