Version 1.5.7!10.12.2018

We have updated the website version of the simulator to 1.5.7!

If you are still unsure about updating, then we will tell you just one phrase: “passenger transportation”. This really worth updating!

Besides this new big feature, there are also smaller, but very good changes:

● Water splashes flies off from under the car wheels in rainy and wet weather.
● Reflections in the rearview mirrors react to the head position when using VR, also added easier mirror adjustment.
● Traffic cars that leaving parking lots became more noticeable to allow you get more interesting situations on the road.
● Optimized the game loading and fixed many minor bugs.

Please note that some old mods will not work correctly, because we've improved the physics of the game world.

If you have a favorite mod, without which you just cannot play, then before updating the game it's better to ask the mod's creator whether his mod is compatible with the new version of the game.

You can download the latest version here on our official website: