Version 1.5.8!10.06.2019

We have updated the website version of the simulator to 1.5.8!

Do you know that June is the best time to update the website version of City Car Driving?

So, follow this link now and download the newest distributive of our car simulator ➜

And we will remind you about the changes were made in the game since the previous update.

~ Global changes ~

➤ Training in goods transportation with a passenger car.

We have added new exercises for a passenger car with a trailer. Now you can raise your trailer driving skills before getting it.

➤ Goods transportation in the game mode.

If you feel like you’ve mastered trailers already, you can try yourself in real transportation!

Using an app on the game phone (VR tablet), you can choose and start completing goods transportation orders.

A loader will be waiting for you at the loading area to give you the goods, and the route will guide you to the unloading point.

Your progress depends on how well you transport goods. As you level up, you will be entrusted with fragile goods, or even with unloading one batch in two different places.

➤ Trailer for the player.

You can not only use the trailer training function to train in the career mode, but also use the trailer in the free driving mode.

You can attach the trailer to any stock or modded car (if the modder adapted it). Only the player has a trailer. AI traffic cars and pedestrians can see it and do not pass through it.

Be careful: you can easily cause an accident or run someone over with your trailer.

➤ Spring on the road.

You can now choose spring for your ride: the simulator finally offers all four seasons. Try it: it’s truly beautiful.

➤ Cosmonautics Day decorations.

If you wanted to become an astronaut when you were young, just like our developers did, this one’s for you.

As they say, “Every driver carries a space helmet in their trunk!”

~ And here are also some small updates ~

➜ Fixed the vulnerability that allowed your treacherous neighbor to hack the amount of fuel on your fuel card.
➜ Now when you adjust mirrors, no other controls work.
➜ Unified the UI style of fuel level, passenger transportation, etc.
➜ Corrected minor issues in Chinese and French localizations.
➜ Removed the penalty “You are driving in the forbidden direction”, if you are driving along the mission route.
➜ Some users were “lucky” and got two penalties at once – this will not happen again, one violation = one penalty.
➜ Fixed exercise “Garage”. Now, during the exercise, you can stop and think whether you are doing everything right - and there will be no penalty for that!
➜ For the sake of impatient users who are hurrying to get achievement “Faster than the wind”, we prescribed a course of neurostimulators to our instructor. Now the car checking process before driving occurs immediately!
➜ Corrected binding for the DualShock 4 and Thrustmaster T150 controllers.
➜ Now Russian instructor speaks in voice only with Russian-speaking users (he was very upset that others didn't understand him).
➜ Corrected wording in the task descriptions for getting achievements to avoid ambiguity.
➜ Updated the modding documentation and provided the necessary files to mod makers - now your favorite mods will be updated even faster!
➜ Our instructor was shocked and fell silent in some exercises, if you started engine with the first gear on - we explained him that this is normal for current youth, and now he reacts adequately.
➜ Checked road signs and removed unnecessary ones, which don't carry useful information.
➜ Improved the navigator, so now it's more clear - what exactly maneuver you need to perform.
➜ New achievements for transportation experts.
➜ License plate lighting added (for trailers too!).
➜ Some small but important interface fixes.
➜ The “City test” mission was aligned with the rules - now its time limit is 30 minutes.
➜ Fixed the mission "A new exam" - added monitoring of whether low beam headlights are on.
➜ Fixed a problem with resetting custom car sounds to default sounds.
➜ Now you can safely change the camera angle through console commands again.
➜ If you are training your driving skills to drive on US roads, then it might interest you to know that now the braking distance is shown in miles and the initial speed is shown before braking.

You can download the latest version here on our official website: