Patch 1.2.2 release!23.12.2011

A free patch from v1.2 to v1.2.2 has been released! Many awesome changes! City Car Driving v1.2.2 now has many new functionality and features, including opportunity to add mods and third party cars to the game!


What's new in version 1.2.2:

    Main changes:

  • Mathematical model of car's engine has been modernized appreciably. Work of clutch and automatic transmission has been improved. All player cars have been tuned. As result - car behavior became more realistic.
  • Awesome optimization work has been done! The game perfomance in some exercises has been improved. Game loading became faster. Traffic AI has been optimized. Perfomance increment summary is from 5% to 25% (accroding to game settings and PC perfomance).
  • Added support of the Bodnar box device.
  • Added a new ability - players can change car models and even add their own cars now!
  • Added a new car - all-wheel drive military minibus!
  • Improved behavior of traffic cars - decreased number of car crashes with player car on crossings, while changing road lanes and from behind.
  • Fixed arrangement of cars on road - buses, trucks and other slow vehicles drives closer to the right side of the road.
  • Improved behavior of pedestrians - they don't cause solid traffic jams on pedestrian crossings anymore.
  • Improved navigator - the visualisation of roads became better and navigator shows the name of street now.
  • Improved user interface - scrolling of player cars and colors is available both forward and backwards. Added sound effects for main menu elements.
  • Added special colouration for several player cars.

    Bug fixes and other changes:

  • Calculation of penalty score is more accurate now.
  • Decreased the difficulty of some exercises.
  • Added checkup of lower beam correct triggering.
  • Fixed false detection of road rules violation in several cases.
  • Fixed some mistakes connected with road signs placement and traffic lights work.
  • Fixed rare game crashes in some exercises.
  • Fixed rare game crash in Windows XP.