CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #15 08.12.2023

In Developer Diaries 15, we talk about mechanics that are not included in early access. Part of the mechanics are implemented, but for now we are prioritizing transportation physics and traffic. Soon we will provide a roadmap detailing which game mechanics are included in Early Access.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #15:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #14 24.11.2023

Today we`d like to share some current development state screenshots with you.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #14:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #12+1 10.11.2023

We have never described the development sequence in the format of logs: what we did, how our work is progressing, and what will happen next. Only one of the logs was dedicated to how we started developing City Car Driving.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #12+1:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #12 27.10.2023

Today’s diary will tell you a little about both technical solutions related to traffic and changes during the gameplay.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #12:


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