CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #3 23.06.2023

The third diary will be devoted to an integral part of the CCD: teaching traffic rules. As in the original City Car Driving, you will find a number of useful exercises that will help you master driving at a good level.

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CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #2 09.06.2023

When it became clear to us that the original City Car Driving engine was very outdated, we began to look for a new solution...

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CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #1 26.05.2023

Two weeks ago, we showed the first screenshots and teaser trailer of City Car Driving 2.0.
Now, we are starting a series of dev diaries to share with you how we are working on the second edition of City Car Driving, which many of you liked.
In each issue, we’ll be taking a look at different aspects of the game: the world, graphics, vehicles, gameplay features, to share how we see City Car Driving 2.0.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #1:

CITY CAR DRIVING 2.0! 12.05.2023

City Car Driving 2.0 is a driving simulator designed to help novice drivers master driving in a setting as close to reality as possible.

Early access is planned for Q1 2024. We thank you for your continuous support and for waiting!


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